We offer a state-of-the-art appliance.


Made entirely of stainless steel, meeting all the obligatory certificates with the PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) seal of excellence.

A saturator is a perfect idea for the companies with intensive water consumption.

It is a convenient way for delivering sparkling water outdoors and indoors – without a need to warehouse cylinders, without any supplies.

Thanks to our saturator you have constant access to cooled, filtered, sparkling water.
Our saturator combines together a modern look, aesthetics and hygiene.

Some of the saturator’s strengths:

  • Unlimited access to drinking water
  • The water is fed from the tap
  • It has aqua filter (USA) filters
  • Mobile, easy to transport
  • Hygienic, quality and safety standards
  • The device’s aesthetic look
  • Can be used all the year
  • A fixed, low price for a cup of water
  • Rental possible
  • No waste = No cylinders
  • Flavoured water preparation
  • Free installation, operators training
  • Warranty service


Saturator w tłumie ludzi


Saturator - nasze atuty


What is a saturator?

Our saturator is a completely mobile device that provides constant access to fresh and energizing water. Thanks to your saturator you can have filtered, saturated with CO2 water.

Our saturator is made of stainless steel and the highest quality materials.

Technical specification of the saturator:

  • Dimensions: 1500x700x900mm
  • Powered by 230V electricity from the electric hook-up
  • Powered by water from the ½” water connection, male thread
  • The filtration station AQUA FILTER
  • The gas cylinder with the reducer and the hose
  • The draining board
  • 4 containers with syrup’s dispensers

How does the saturator work?

To make the saturator start working, it needs to be connected to running, plumbing water and the 230V electric power supply.

Saturator - dobry smak...

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